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we have an independent technician to test the Quality of the material in each shipments in order to maintain the consistency of size of the material and conductivity.

Garnet Recycling

Garnet abrasive can be recycled up to five times without compromising its reliable high quality performance. This is due to the abrasive’s superior toughness and low friability.

Recycling provides garnet users a cost-effective and environmentally responsible option for disposing of used garnet that would otherwise be dumped as industrial waste. Recycling also maximizes the life-span of this non-renewable natural resource and significantly reduces the disposal volume of spent abrasive.

At the garnet processing facility, spent garnet which is sourced from blast cleaning and waterjet cutting activities is re-processed to remove all contaminants including dust, rust, paint flakes, metallic and non-metallic impurities.This is followed by precise sizing into various grades to suit end-user requirements . Strict sampling and quality control procedures ensure that sizing and purity are maintained to the highest standards

Waterjet Cutting

A water jet cutter, also known as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The term abrasive jet refers specifically to the use of a mixture of water and abrasive to cut hard materials such as metal or granite, while the terms pure waterjet and water-only cutting refer to waterjet cutting without the use of added abrasives, often used for softer materials such as wood or rubber.

Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.

Rental Services

We supply Blasting and Painting Equipment for Surface Preparation, Protective Coatings application in many different industries such as Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining Sites, Water / Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Shipyards and Lead Bridge Projects.

JNSTOCKWELL has an extensive range of equipment to suit any site job - for rental or purchase. Our Abrasive Sandblast rental Equipment will save you 25% in labour and abrasive compared to standard equipment. We offer Dust Collectors for container life and performance. Recycling your spent abrasive has never been easier with the Garnet Recycling System - it will get your dirty garnet the cleanest you have ever seen!