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We have structured our own engineering department, production experts, customer service and prosperity support into a “Core capability”. Being JN Stock Well customer, We admit to access expertise knowledge in related to your operations.

Blast Abrasives

Garnet Sand

  • Garnet is the heaviest and hardest of all abrasives in this world; it could withstand in highest cutting speed and maintain low dust levels. With its crystalline shape giving a fast cutting action and longer life span.
  • Garnet has served primarily for its many dimension applications i.e. blast media, water jet cutting, coated abrasives, surface preparation, ship, grinding media, water filtration etc.
  • Its re-cycling ability & eco-friendly nature Garnet grains are the priority abrasive medium of Blasting. It is appropriate for both wet and dry sandblasting applications.

PS Ball

  • PS ball - (Precious Slag Ball) is produced by super cooling method of molten slag and in the same time transforming it into stable Spinel Structure. It is not only used in various specific uses, but also displaced with natural sand because of excellent physical properties.
  • Blast Cleaning Application PS Ball – Because of its characteristic, it provides a perfect atomizing of materials size, density, hardness and durability. Hence, the efficiency of abrasive reduces the consumption rate and increases the productivity as well as non-toxic environment status.

Steel Grit

  • Steel Grit can best be described as an impact cleaning operation, in which the work piece surface is subjected to successive bombardment by a high velocity blast stream containing millions of hardened, effective-size steel abrasive particles
  • Steel Grit Advantages & Features: Surface etching & descaling Scraping surface contaminants in steel and foundry metals. Large grits used for sand removal from large and medium sized steel and iron castings. Small grits used for sand removal and cleaning of non ferrous castings.

Steel shot

  • Steel Shot is spherical metallic abrasive produced by molten steel using atomizing process.
  • Metalworking industries are the principal users of Steel Shot: Steel mills, ferrous and nonferrous foundries, forge shops and the metal fabricators, coating, sand removal and to improve the metal surface preparation etc.
  • Steel shot produces a least level of dust as its process is not an abrasive one

Aluminium Oxide

  • Brown Aluminum oxide or Aluminium oxide is one of the hardest sandblasting media available in the industry. Being an abrasive, it cuts through metals quickly.
  • White Aluminium Oxide is a blasting media that is often used on products with softer coatings.

Glass Beads

  • n glass bead blasting, the beads are made from a lead-free, soda-lime type of glass that will not harm the environment or ground water.
  • Much of the bead material that is used in a blasting process can also be recovered by vacuum systems, and the beads are durable enough that they can be recycled into the blasting process up to 30 times.


CO Monitors


Surface contamination

  • Highly precise measurements can be obtained from a single drop, Out of range and low battery alarms.
  • Automatic range switching gives a wide measurement range of 1μs/cm to 19.9mS/cm.
Minimum is £55 for the 1st hour. £42 for every subsequent hour.

Coating Inspection

  • Multi-Lingual Display: All the required information is displayed on screen in a choice of 14 languages.
  • Integrated Calibration Standard: No external calibration standard is required.
Minimum is £55 for the 1st hour. £42 for every subsequent hour.

Adhesion Testers

  • Automatic hydraulic pump ensures smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable results
  • User definable limits with unique pressure hold and release functio
Minimum is £55 for the 1st hour. £42 for every subsequent hour.